10 Things You Need to Pack for a Trip to Goa

When you’re planning to travel to Goa, there are some items that are essential to bring along with you. With the right clothes and other gear, you can make your trip memorable without running into any trouble along the way. Here are 10 things that you need to pack if you’re going on holidays in Goa this summer! Trip to Goa Planning

1) Comfortable Shoes
Shoes may seem like an afterthought, but when you’re sightseeing or doing water sports (think: paddle boarding and scuba diving in goa), you don’t want sore feet holding you back. If your go-to travel shoes are sneakers, swap them out for beach sandals or water shoes (or both). Sneakers tend to be heavy and bulky, so they’re difficult to pack. Sandals are easy to throw in your suitcase without worrying about them getting too beat up. Water shoes protect against painful cuts from rocks, coral and seashells. Just remember: no matter what kind of shoe you choose, bring at least two pairs with you so that if one gets wet while water sports, you have something dry to slip into afterwards.

2) Sunscreen
Protect your skin from sunburn. Buy at least 30 SPF sunscreen and take it everywhere with you. Especially if you’re planning on having any kind of adventure while you’re in Goa, use sunscreen generously. Don’t forget to reapply regularly, every hour or so, especially after swimming or sweating profusely. [1]

3) Sunglasses
Going away on holidays is always fun, but it can also be tiring. However, carrying your sunnies will make you look good (and feel great) while you’re sightseeing. Trip to Goa Planning It’s worth investing in quality sunglasses—their durability will last longer and they’ll be easier to clean too.

4) Swimsuit
Swimsuits have seen an endless array of iterations. From bodycon minis to streamlined one-pieces, choose a swimsuit that’s right for your plans. For example, if you’re going to be in water sports most of your trip, opt for water-friendly materials like nylon and spandex. If you plan on soaking up some sun by day and going out at night, choose something more decorative (but functional) like silky fabrics or ruffles. Whatever material you choose, make sure it fits well and flatters your figure. And don’t forget sunscreen!

5) Camera
During your adventures, you’ll want to document all of your experiences. Consider picking up a GoPro or another action camera—they can be easily strapped on to ski goggles, bike helmets, and surfboards. Having pictures of you having fun and enjoying nature will keep your enthusiasm at its peak. And when dudhsagar waterfalls are on our list, why not take an adventure selfie with it? Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and score some likes from friends and family back home!

6) A Book
Bring a book that’s related to your interests and/or something you plan on working on while you’re there. A lot of people feel more accomplished when they get some reading done during their downtime. I like having fiction and non-fiction books with me during my travels—it provides me with some entertainment at night, but it also allows me to learn something new if I have time in between all of my adventures.

7) Money belt/bag
No one likes lugging a backpack around when they’re away on holiday, but if you’re travelling somewhere where safety is an issue—think major cities in developing countries or countries with high crime rates—you’ll want to be able to keep your passport and valuables close by. Trip to Goa Planning It’s recommended that you only bring enough cash with you on vacation so that you can slip it into your money belt, so track down some at local currency exchanges before you leave.

8) Tote bag or backpack
The biggest thing you need to pack is your patience. Traveling in Goa is time-consuming and can often be tedious as there are many people visiting from various places and with various destinations. So pack yourself some good books or a new gadget, just in case you get bored waiting for transportation during your journey. To assist in tracking your visits, carry around any small gadgets like smartphones or iPod that are easy on their own weight but help keep track of your plans and itinerary of places to visit while on holiday.

9) Hair accessories, if needed
When visiting a waterfall or beach, you might want to consider bringing some hair accessories. For example, if you’re in Goa and you want to go swimming at Dudhsagar Waterfall, your outfit might get wet. Bring some hair clips or ties with you so that your hairstyle stays intact through all your adventures.

10) Snacks (for flight journeys), if needed.
Snacks may be needed if you’re travelling via flights. If you want something filling and healthy, opt for high-protein snacks such as nuts or dried fruits. Canned fruits and vegetables are also great options to grab during your flight. Low-fat yogurt will provide some calcium as well. If you need more than that, chew on dark chocolate—it’s full of antioxidants, which will reduce stress levels while giving your body some much-needed vitamins.